The Little Chicken Tender

Suzy is a country girl at heart. She enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden – although plants don’t seem to like her very much. She enjoys caring for our chickens and finds them every bit as entertaining as our dogs. Cooking, finding good deals and spending time with our niece, Brooke, are some of her favorite things.


As the only organized person on the farm, she also enjoys completing checklists. If it wasn’t for her skills, we would not be able to keep up with the ten projects we always seem to be doing at one time.


The Big Chicken Tender

While Suzy tries to figure out how we can keep up with all our current projects, Don spends his time thinking of new projects to tackle. As the self-titled “Director of Contemplation,” he figures If a thought is worth considering, it is worth turning into a major project with 3D models, it’s own website and a five-year implementation plan.


During the daytime, Don produces videos for non-profit organizations. He has filmed projects on five continents and managed to win two Emmy-Awards in the process. As a recovering missionary pilot, if someone does not keep a close eye on him, he will try to sneak off to the airport to go flying.


The Worker

Of our three dogs, Max is the undisputed workaholic. His idea of a good time is keeping the farm free of raccoons and other varmint scum who might be looking for a free chicken dinner. It’s not that Max doesn’t appreciate playtime, it’s just that he will likely walk away from it after four minutes to get back to work.


Max is named for World War I pilot Max Immelmann. Actually, he was already named Max when we adopted him, but we don’t know for sure that he wasn’t named after Max Immelmann.


The Snuggler

Sadie is all about affection. If you ever think to yourself “Gee, I think I’d like to pet one of the dogs,” Sadie has already been at your feet for eight minutes waiting for you to come to your senses. She may have missed her calling as a therapy dog, but she still manages to wiggle her way into being petted by every visitor.


I’d like to point out that Sadie is named for a famous pilot like the other dogs. Unfortunately, I can’t point that out because Suzy named her and refused to give her a proper name like “Pancho” or “Wagstaff.”


The Daydreamer

Gordo is both the youngest and the largest of our dogs. Unlike the other two, he seems to enjoy a balanced life of work and play. He brings his defining characteristic to every activity: confusion. No matter what the other dogs are doing, you can be sure that Gordo will be right there in the middle of it… but he doesn’t have any idea what’s going on.


Gordo is named for astronaut Gordo Cooper.

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