Letting a Cat Sleep in the Chicken Coop – Will the State Disease Test Your Flock for Free? – Does NPIP Mean Birds Are Disease Free?

Don & Suzy share stories about extension cords and Dwayne caught in a net, discuss whether a cat could sleep in the coop with the chickens, and talk about getting the state to disease-test your birds for free, and discuss whether NPIP certification means birds are disease free.

Keeping Your Flock in Your Yard – Can Baby Chicks Crow? – Can Chickens Get Salmonella from Dogs?

Episode 72. Don & Suzy each share a story about chickens in the dark and then talk about the oldest person in the world and how she ate three eggs every day. Then we answer listener questions about keeping your flock out of your neighbor’s yard, whether baby chicks try to crow, and if it is possible for chickens to get salmonella from dogs.

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