Give your hens some relief from over-eager roosters and help them hang on to their saddle feathers!

We used one of these Hen Saver Apron/Saddles when our Rhode Island Red hen,? Scarlett Crowhenson, was losing some feathers to her rooster,? Cluck Norris. She started to develop a serious bald spot on her back from mating with him, which could lead to cuts and infections.

The apron (I prefer the term saddle), covered her back with a padded material that Cluck Norris could grab onto, but not pull out her feathers or scratch her. Within a few days, she was starting to grow her back feathers again to cover up the bald spot.

The saddle is easy to use. It does take a few minutes to figure out how to gently get your hen’s wings through the loops, but once we got it on her it stayed in place and didn’t require any adjustments.

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