Episode 60.

In this episode, we share the story of a young Barred Rock rooster who had his life flash before his eyes, ponder coping with scissor beak, wonder of chicken nipples freeze in cold winters, and then discuss whether city slickers should be allowed to raise chickens.

Dwayne Sees the Light

Shortly after picking up our young Barred Rock rooster, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnshen, Suzy remembered that she had to check something in the oven. Instead of putting him down, she decided to take him in the house with her. After staring into the hot oven, Dwayne has a new outlook on life.

Scissor Beak

Our good listener Dustin emailed us about the sudden death of of his scissor-beaked rooster, Crook.

Scissor beak is a genetic deformity that cause the upper and lower halves of the beak to be misaligned. It can make eating and drinking very difficult. Many birds will never be able to accomplish these things with a lifetime of assistance. Crook, however, appeared to overcome the situation and managed to live to one year old before he was discovered lifeless in the nesting box of his coop.

We discuss whether his condition could have worsened over time or if there may have been other issues at play.

During the conversation, we also ponder whether chicken nipples will work up North during freezing-cold winters.

Should City Folk Raise Chickens?

After discovering a Chicago Tribune opinion-piece that says chickens have no place in city environments, we discuss why we think that opinion is stupid.


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