Episode 59.

In this episode, we talk about Max the escape artist, share our thoughts about a new study that finds backyard chickens have more parasites, answer a listener’s question about whether chickens are healthy and then discuss whether chickens belong in school.

Max the Escape Artist

After three years of being content to stay on our farm, Max has suddenly become eager to explore the world. After it became clear that Max can really dig his way to freedom at will, we decided to install an invisible fence. Max is not happy about it, but at least we can rest assured that he will not be hit by a car.


Backyard Chickens Have More Parasites?

A new study out of California finds that backyard chickens have more parasites than chickens raised in battery cages. I believe I filed this article under “well…duh!”

Yes, backyard chickens can and will get fleas, lice and mites. That is why we recommend that you inspect each chicken monthly to catch them early and treat them.

Are Chickens Generally Healthy?

We had a rash of messages from listeners about buying adult chickens on Craigslist, only to find that they are sick or non-layers. The key to having a happy and healthy flock is to start out with happy and healthy chickens. It’s not that it’s impossible to find healthy chickens online (we sometimes sell extra hens this way), but you do have to be very suspicious of what you find and ask enough questions to see why someone would be getting rid of a young, healthy laying hen.


Do Chickens Belong in School?

Colorado recently banned poultry from certain schools after five children ended up in the hospital with salmonella. Do we think chickens belong in school? The answer might surprise you.

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