Episode 37 Show Notes

Welcome to the World, Brody!

Suzy’s youngest sister had a cute little boy named Brody. This is our second nephew, and this one lives not too far down the street, so we are pretty excited to put him to work on the chicken farm!

Foul Prank

Two college students in the UK were driving around one day when they discovered a hen standing on the side of the road. The decided to pick her up and put her in the car. While doing that, they discovered a second hen. Pretty soon, they both got hungry and went to a McDonald’s drive thru. When the pulled up to the window to pick up their food, they thought it would be a great idea to throw one of the hens in through the drive thru window at the employee.

Apparently, they thought it was very funny, because they decided to go through a second drive-thru and do an encore performance.

Salmonella in Grocery Chicken

After completing a year-long study, the USDA has announced that chicken sold as parts and ground chicken have a much higher incidence of Salmonella then whole chickens do.

The USDA mandates that the rate for Salmonella in whole chickens is 7.5% or less., but it found that chicken sold in parts has a rate of 25% and ground chicken has a 50% contamination rate.

I Learned that the Hard Way

Suzy describes an incident that happened last week, where two rooster inadvertently ended up out of their respective coops at the same time and started fighting.

The result left Suzy glad that we had a well-stocked Chicken First Aid Kit handy.

Why Do Hens Sing the Egg Song?

Jennifer asked us why hens sing the egg song when they lay eggs, pointing out that this would seem to make the nest vulnerable to predators.

Unfortunately, we have no earthly idea why hens do this.

How Should I Provide a Dust Bath?

David in Pennsylvania asked whether he should include a permanent or occasional dust bath for his hens.

What Kind of Coop Should I Use for Broilers?

Our good listener Craig asks what kind of chicken tractor we would build for a batch of broilers he is raising.


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