Episode 52.

In this episode, we talk about our new logo, our young and crazy Delaware flock, and how you can get rid of unwanted Our New Logo??roosters in an ethical way.

New OCS Logo

We put together a new logo concept for Online Chicken School and want your constructive feedback! If you haven’t weighed in yet, take a look at it and then send us your feedback through the website or on our Facebook page.


Crazy Delawares

We have been having? a lot of fun with our young flock of Delawares. We just introduced the six pullets to their cockerel. To say they were not impressed is an understatement. Watching the ladies stand against one wall of the run while the cockerel stood against the other wall reminded me of the most awkward school dance you have ever seen.

To make matters more interesting, the Delaware cockerel decided to get feisty with top-dog Max. Not a good idea. I have never seen a chicken look so scared before.

Richest Pets in the World

According to Time, a chicken named Gigoo is the third richest pet in the world after inheriting $10 to $15 million from her owners. What does a millionaire chicken do with her money?

A Look Back at Vancouver Predictions

Six years ago, the former chief of staff to the Mayor of Vancouver made some odd predictions about what would happen when the city allowed urban chicken keeping. We evaluate his comments to see if his predictions came true.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Roosters

Think you will never have to get rid of a rooster? Unless you stick to sex-link hybrids, odds are you will face this some day. We discuss the ethics behind getting rid of a rooster and how you can avoid having him end up as bait for cock-fighting.


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