Episode 40 Show Notes

Okay.. We Are Lazy

We have been pretty well knocked out with allergies and the flu for many weeks, which turned us into two very lazy podcasters. Fortunately, we are both on the mend and back into our normal workflow.

Lots of Work to Do Outside

Now that the time change has given us more light to work with in the evening, we have been very busy with Spring chores. We actually planted a garden again for this year and it is off to a great start. Hopefully we can keep it alive long enough to produce some great veggies for us and the chickens.

The Reds are Fiesty

We have had numerous challenges with our long string of Rhode Island Red roosters before we found one who isn’t looking for a fight every single day. Our New Hampshire Red rooster, Red Skelton is now showing signs of some fight in him. Two weeks ago he came after me while I was watering some plants and I decided to turn the hose on him a few times. I don’t think the aqua-therapy so much because he has avoided me every since.

If you live up north, note that we live in Florida and it is much warmer here right now. Don’t spray your rooster with a hose if is it freezing cold outside!

Round Eggs are Worth Some Money

In the news, I discovered that a lady in the United Kingdom had a chicken lay a perfectly spherical egg and she sold it on eBay for $740. I am now trying to teach our hens to lay round eggs.

Scoundrels in South Carolina

Recently, some scumbag has been visiting South Carolina broiler farms in the middle of the night and tampering with the chicken house heating systems. In separate incidents, they have been bypassing safety systems and either cranking the heat all the way up or turning it off completely. So far, 300,000 chickens have died due to the extreme temperatures.

Inheriting a Chicken Coop

Our good listener Owen purchased a house that comes with a chicken coop. He wants to know what he should do to get it ready for his flock.

The big thing we are worried about are diseases that may have been left behind by the previous occupants. You will want to do s serious cleaning of the coop first, similar to a spring or fall cleaning in scope.

Instead of using a bleach or vinegar cleaning solution, however, you will want to use an activated oxine or Virkon disinfectant to kill and possible viruses.

One advantage Owen has is that the coop was vacant for three years and there are no viruses that can last that long outside of a chicken. Now, you can’t be sure that some wild birds haven’t been in there, so I would still clean it really really well!

Nice Email from James

We received a nice email from James about his wife Marie. He says that she listens to our show while she is receiving her chemo treatments or when she is too sick to go out and visit with her own chickens.

We appreciate you listening to us, Marie, and we figure if you can handle chemo and our show at the same time, you are a very strong woman! We are both praying for your speedy recovery.

The Delaware Chicken Breed

A recent trip to the feed store ended with us adding three Delaware pullets to our flock. I had been looking at this breed for some time and when I found them at the feed store, I couldn’t resist. Delawares are pretty cool chickens.

The breed was created by a Delaware farmer who raised broilers by crossing Plymouth Rock and New Hampshire Red chickens. Every so often, this cross would produce white ‘sports.’ The farmer thought they were so cute that he decided to keep them and mate them to develop a new breed.

As a dual purpose bird, they are pretty good for laying as well as meat meat production. In fact, the Delaware was used extensively as a meat bird by itself and crossed with New Hampshire Reds to create a broiler hybrid called an Indian River. In the forties an fifties, they were increasing in popularity until the Cornish Cross came along and took over the broiler industry.

Delaware hens can also be crossed with many different roosters to produce sex-linked hybrids. They can be crossed with Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, Red leghorn, Buff Leghorn, Buff Orpington, Buff Minorca, Buff Rock, Buff Catalina, Speckled Sussex or Dark Cornish rooster.

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