Episode 33 Show Notes

Next Week is Christmas!

Next week is Christmas, which means we will be starting our yearly ‘staycation,’ where we take the week off and just be in holiday mode around the ranch. We will take next week off from the podcast, but we will return the following week, just before New Years Day, with a special 2014 Year in Review. We will talk about what we did with our little chicken operation last year, including what went right and what went not-so-right.

Check Your Coop Heaters

Two different incidents of chicken coop fires this last week, resulting in 17 chickens be burned. If you are using a heat source in your coop, please make sure you have secured it so that it can’t be knocked into the shavings and pose a fire hazard.

Neighbor Dispute in Saginaw

Up in Saginaw, Michigan, a man shot a neighbor’s dog as it was going after his backyard chickens. We discuss the intricacies of this case and what lessons it might teach the rest of us.

A Freak in Billings

A weird love story about a boyfriend and girlfriend who live together. She broke up with him. She found a webcam in the shower. He has the most interesting excuse we have ever heard.

New Listeners in New Jersey

Don noticed a rapid spike in listeners from New Jersey. Suzy is concerned why they are listening.

Homemade Mayo

Suzy made homemade mayonnaise and describes how you can too.

A Hatching Chick in Distress

In our last batch of baby chicks, one had a little trouble getting out of the shell. We tell the story of what happened while discussing the age old adage about never helping a chick out of its shell.

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