Episode 35 Show Notes

Lt. Tso to the Rescue!

Suzy was attacked by George, our Barred Rock rooster with an attitude problem, and Lt Tso, who is one of our Golden Laced Wyandotte Roosters, came to her rescue…. twice!

Tips for Buying a Chicken Coop Online

Owen sent us? message and asked if we had any advice for buying a chicken coop online. He wants to buy the first one and then build more later when his carpentry skills improve.

Our advice about buying chicken coops online… don’t!

Any quality pre-built coop is going to be extremely expensive, and it is rare that you will find one with exactly the features you want. There is no better way to start sharpening those carpentry skills than to build your first coop. If it doesn’t come out perfect, remember that it is just a chicken coop!

If you insist on buying a prebuilt coop, remember that the “occupancy numbers” listed by coop manufacturers are over-inflated. When they say it houses six chickens, they usually mean six bantam (small) chickens.

Always do the following math:

For the coop, figure 4 square feet per chicken. Measure the length times the width and divide by four. This is how many chickens you can house in the coop.

For the run, figure 10 square feet per chicken. Measure the length times the width and divide by ten. This is how many chickens you can handle in the run.

Also, we always make sure they use hardware cloth in place of chicken wire. The only thing chicken wire keeps in are chickens. Most predators have an easy time getting through chicken wire.

The Mayo Instructions are on Social Media

We added a visual guide to making mayo to our social media links. You can find it on our Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest pages.

A Bunch of Questions About Eggs

We had numerous questions from listeners about eggs… from issues with this shells to meat spots to how to make them taste better.


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