Episode 73.

We start off telling stories of a Barred Rock hen who can’t keep her saddle straight and of Della the Delaware who is becoming very bold.

In the chicken news, vegan groups have historically done a poor job convincing Americans to give up meat. They have developed a new strategy they hope will reduce animal cruelty: ask people to just stop eating chicken.

Our good listener Adele asked for help with gnats and flies annoying her chicken. We talk about some remedies we have heard of and the only two we have found to work: a fan to blow them away and equine spray.

Also, the heat of summer is coming (or already upon us). We share strategies to help your chickens have a happy and productive season. Plenty of water, electrolytes, shade, sprinklers, misters, fans and being selective about the treats you provide will go a log way to helping the flock deal with summer.


Recipe for Electrolyte Solution

Chicken Treat Chart

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